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Anderson Institute of Music and Performing Arts: School of Dramatic Arts

The Anderson Institute of Music & Performing Arts is proud to offer the AIM School of Dramatic Arts.

All students, with support from the community, parents, and staff, will be provided a dynamic theater curriculum within a safe and caring environment so they will develop the skills, abilities, and attitudes to be successful stage performers but more importantly lifelong learners and citizens of good character prepared to contribute to an ever-changing, global society.

The AIM School of Dramatic Arts/Theater differentiates instruction through a variety of facilitating activities that address students' unique abilities. Our teachers consider differences in learning styles, skill levels, and student interest when planning class activities and instruction.  Advanced students are accelerated in Theater Arts in a variety of ways. They perform more challenging parts, have opportunities for solo performances, and are provided opportunities for participation in extra-curricular theater productions.

AIM Theater Arts teachers create a positive classroom environment in which all students are accepted and taught mutual respect. Teachers model sensitivity to differences in race, gender, ethnicity, abilities/disabilities and address individual and group needs of students in Theater Arts classes.

Racial/Ethnic Equity
AIM Teachers use a variety of teaching styles consistent with the learning styles of racial, cultural, and ethnic groups represented in their classrooms. Racial/ethnic equity is taught in Theater Arts through analysis and discussion of scripts that reflect historical and contemporary racial/ethnic issues.

Gender Equity
Gender equity is taught in AIM Theater Arts classes through analysis of scripts and characters. Students compare and contrast the roles available to male and female actors in various historical eras and cultures. Teachers select plays that have roles proportionate to the number of interested male and female students.

Technology Skills
In AIM Theater Arts, students learn to demonstrate skills in a variety of types of technology including lighting systems, sound systems, recording equipment, and computer software.

AIM School of Dramatic Arts/Theater Rationale
The AIM School of Dramatic Arts teaches theater analysis, performance, and production. Students apply critical and creative thinking skills to solve problems. AIM courses teach the role that theater plays in history and culture. Students learn to make knowledgeable and discriminating judgments about the professional theater, films, television, web-based media and advertising that they see and hear in daily life. Discussions of aesthetics in theater help students recognize and appreciate diverse backgrounds and points of view.

AIM School of Dramatic Arts Goals
Students of the AIM School of Dramatic Arts Program will:

  • Acquire skills necessary for life-long theater skills learning and application.
  • Feel comfortable speaking to audiences.
  • Prepare and present a proficient performance, alone or in an ensemble.
  • Make knowledgeable and discriminating judgments about theater in all media formats.
  • Understand the relationship of theater to other arts and to non-arts disciplines.
  • Enjoy and appreciate theatrical performances within their historical and cultural contexts.

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AIM in Verrado

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General facts about the Institute.


The Year Established


Number of Locations

Over 7,500

Students Helped Since Opening


Number of Instructors

Achievements and Awards

  • AIM's Production Show Fashion Fantastico – Phantom of the Opera is ranked as the 8th Best Show in Phoenix in 2011.
  • AIM awarded the prestigious designator as the professional Music and Dance provider to all Lockheed Martin staff and families in 2013 and 2014
  • AIM awarded the contract to provide elementary and middle school students live Theater instruction in 2012, 2013 and 2014.
  • AIM vocal student Kaitlyn Hacker selected as opening act for 2013 Jazz Festivals in Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California
  • AIM songwriting student Katryna Eastwood's song "Copper Wind" selected for Title Track Song to movie "Copper Wind" in 2015
  • First School to have 3 locations in Arizona
  • Awarded official Best Performing Arts School for Arizona in 2013, 2014, and 2015


Notable Performances

AIM Music and Dance Students opened for:

  • Barenaked Ladies, 2013
  • Andy Grammer, 2012
  • The Romantiks, 2011
  • Bad Voodoo Daddy's, 2010
  • Beach Boys, 2009

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