Our overview

Since 2005, AIM has provided professional level education and professional level performance opportunities to over 8,000 West Valley children and adults. Ed and Angela Anderson have worked in the music, dance and theater industries for decades in such places as Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, and Chicago. They have a studio on Main Street in Verrado and in Estrella in Goodyear. They will soon be opening their expanded music, dance and recording studio in Buckeye in late fall 2016. AIM students range from adults and college students to elementary, middle school and high school ages. Students benefit from private one-on-one lessons and group classes and workshops in music, dance and theater. Numerous performances throughout the West Valley help sharpen confidence, skills and provide opportunities to showcase talent. Many AIM student have gone on to professional stages or major colleges and universities. ASU, USC, UofA, GCU, and the American Music and Dramatic Academy are just a few. AIM has been awarded the “Official Best Performing Arts School for Arizona” in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 and has been featured on the Discovery Channel, CBS Entertainment, and ABC Channel 15. For more information on how to start your journey in music, dance or theater please call or visit the website www.PerformingArtsUSA.com.

Our Mission

AIM Strives to build self-esteem and confidence in the individual, unify families, and nurture the community through the Performing Arts.

AIM's Core Values

  • At AIM, we take the goals of our students seriously.
  • We are passionate about sharing the benefits of the Performing Arts.
  • We are constantly improving. We are not satisfied with the status quo.
  • Results drive our decisions. We encourage parents and friends to support each student's goal and be involved with their planning. We've found this improves the success of our student's reaching their goals.
  • We have minimal hierarchy. We try to keep our organization relatively flat, with managers who work, not just manage.
  • We are transparent. We hold ourselves accountable to our students.
  • We are creative. We encourage our faculty and staff to explore new and creative ways to improve the learning environment of our students
  • We believe that a strong foundation on fundamentals and technique are the tools on which are students are able to improve their skills efficiently

What Defines AIM

  • We like to hire superstars. Smart, passionate, inquisitive people usually share our same fervor for high quality performing arts.
  • We are constantly improving. Because we love exploring new ideas we find ourselves innovating new ways to help ourselves and our students reach their goals.
  • We think about scale. We strategize and think about how our decisions today will impact our vision or the AIM Brand.


  1. Our vision and teaching philosophy. We are proud to say that we have one of the most - if not the most - effective teaching curriculum out on the market in piano, guitar, strings, drums, band and voice and taught by the industry's top teachers.

  2. Our curriculum is designed to establish a solid foundation in theory, technique and performance. We accelerate and maximize the student's learning curve based on individual factors, thus saving you time, energy, and money.

  3. We also have that "WOW/COOL Factor" that most schools lack. And we help our students develop that X-Factor! Look around our website or talk to one of our performers, you'll see what we're talking about. Better yet – come to one of our shows and watch one of our performers or singer songwriters.

  4. Low teacher to student ratios. In fact one question we often get is why we limit our classes to 3 or 5 but no more than 7 or 9 students per class in group such as dance. It's because we do not believe that a student can get the personal attention and learn the important skills and techniques in larger classroom sizes. When the class reaches the AIM limit, we open another class section. This is why many parents and the audience ask where all the 15+ performers come from when they only see their student in a class of 3 or 5.

  5. Performance opportunities beyond recitals. Honestly – where else in the country are you going to be able to learn a performing art discipline by award-winning teachers and then perform in front of hundreds – even thousands of people as you open for Grammy-award winning artists? Or better yet perform in front of people who actually matter – your family and friends and community? It's all possible at AIM.

  6. Have a song idea but don't know what to do with it or go with your original ideas, AIM specializes in original artists and writers and teaches you how protect and copyright your own material and market in ways that make sense.

  7. We not only focus our student performers on learning the discipline but also how to use the skills practically in everyday life such as family events or community service events. All of our students are highly encouraged to use their skills in church, school or for the sick and elderly shut in. Our students get a deeper perspective of service and the how they can use their God given talents for the benefit of others.

Our Level of Experience







"My daughter has learned self confidence and both of you have given her the tools to shine at whatever she does. She has had many opportunities to perform with the Choir and now with guitar. Great job Ed and Angela!"

Tray Iranshahr, parent of choir and guitar student

"I attend ASU as a Barrett's Honor Student double majoring in Engineering and Classical Guitar. ASU is ranked 5th in the nation in music. I am able to pay for my engineering degree through my years of study of guitar at AIM. Thanks to Ed Anderson as my guitar teacher and AIM. I would not be where I am today."

Kayli Sundin, BA Classical Guitar Honors, Arizona State University

"My kids have been attending AIM for almost 4 years now and love it! Ed and Angela show a real interest in my children's personal talents and interests and have guided them accordingly. We love it there! Thanks AIM!"

The Accomazzo Family, parents of vocal, piano and guitar students

"My husband and I feel very blessed to have found AIM after having gone through three different piano instructors for our son Andrew. We have definitely found a perfect fit for our son now. With Ed's help and guidance, Andrew has progressed beyond all of our expectations and has done so much more quickly than we had ever imagined. While improving his skill level in piano it has been amazing to see his love for music grow. Priceless! Thank You Ed and Angela for all that you both do and your continued dedication to your students!"
Captain Marty & Carrie Yates, Parents of high school piano student

"Our children have taken classes with AIM for almost three years now. They have enjoyed their experiences with their instructors and other students. The positive feedback and comments keep them encouraged and wanting to sign up for more! The many performances help them gain confidence and skills that will last a lifetime!"
Greg and Lissa Fresquez, Parents of music and dance students

"I cannot express enough how blessed we are to have Anderson Institute of Music right here in the West Valley. The range of expertise and the kindness shown has exceeded our expectations. They have a way to bring out the love of music and dance within the kids that goes beyond just a classroom setting. We cannot wait to see the long lasting effects in the Arts here in AZ because of Ed & Angela and Anderson Institute of Music and Performing Arts."
Dr. Pat and Heidi Hopkins, Parents of dance and music students

"Music and the Performing Arts allow you to escape, explore, learn, create, and live. The embracing of life through music is best taught by people who truly care, respect and are passionate about the arts. I truly believe the valuable lesson of Music is being passed to my children by both Ed and Angela Anderson at AIM. Thank you for allowing my children's world to open to it fullest potential."
Matthew Leehan, parent of guitar students

"Ed and Angela have a passion for music that words cannot express! They teach our 10 year old daughter piano, guitar and voice lessons (choir too). Without a doubt, they continuously rouse her interest in music. AIM has a strong commitment to give each student an opportunity to perform and share their music talents at various recitals throughout the semester. This is one of the many positive impacts for us as a family and the community to see the progress of each student. We are proud to be part of the AIM Music Family!"
Raul & Gwen Ruiz, Parents of music student

"I'm overly impressed with the amount of talent that the instructors and owners provide for our kids. Most of all I'm blown away by the kindness and caring of all of AIM' s staff!"
Shawn Wolfe, Parent of violin student

"We have seen a dramatic improvement in our daughter Katryna's voice and piano skills under the professional instruction of Angela Anderson. Katryna's performance level far exceeds that of her peers as a direct result of the coaching she has received at the Anderson Institute of Music."

Cindy Eastwood, Mother of voice, guitar and songwriting student

"My son adores his lessons with Ms. Angela. She is so happy and enthusiastic, it makes learning fun! And his quick progress has been amazing!"

Elizabeth Wiggs, Mother of 2nd grade piano student

"Lauren has been taking piano lesson at AIM since Fall 2008. We have seen her confidence grow and her musical ability has increased dramatically. We are so proud of her and thankful for AIM. They are truly passionate and want to spread their love of music throughout the valley by their involvement in community performances."

Cheryl Peterson, Mother of piano, guitar, voice, flute students

AIM Timeline


Ed and Angela Combine Talents

Ed and Angela married and moved to Pasadena, California where Ed worked in non-profit and government work, taught and wrote music, while Angela pursued jobs in television, film, musical theater, dance and also teaching music and dance. During this time, they continued to nurture their passion for music by performing both original and cover songs throughout the Los Angeles area in a variety of venues.


AIM Founded

In 2005, they launched AIM, offering lessons and recording from their home studios.


Big Plans for Arizona

While visiting Ed’s brother and his family in the community of Verrado in Arizona, they saw a need for his nieces and the children of the West Valley of Phoenix to have the opportunities of high level music education and performing arts that one would normally expect to receive in cities such as Los Angeles, Nashville and New York. They fell in love with community and state and began to explore the possibility of moving.


Growth of AIM

Planning for the transition began, and AIM moved to the West Valley in May, 2008. Ed and Angela continued AIM music operations in California through 2010.


Move to Arizona

Since then, they have been in Phoenix full time.


New Location in Buckeye

AIM in Verrado opens its doors in the City of Buckeye on Main Street. Grand Opening brings in over 250 students and Mayor Jackie Meck and three City Council Members speak as ribbon is cut by Southwest Chamber of Commerce


AIM opens a 2nd Location

AIM in Estrella opens its doors in the City of Goodyear in the community of Estrella Mountain Ranch. New studio features a world class floating hardwood dance floor and partnerships with Phoenix Children's Academy as well local public schools in music, dance and theater.



AIM Opens It's Third Location in Avondale

AIM establishes 3rd location in the City of Avondale which includes a partnership with the City of Avondale to bring world class shows to the West Valley through a new state of the art Theater. AIM puts out Requests for Proposals for new studios and Theater facility. Plans are drawn up and ground breaking occurs in October 2013 in the Avondale City Center for the new Anderson Theater and Anderson Institute of Music and Performing Arts in Avondale.



New Show Extravaganza

Grand Opening in January/February with Polynesian-Tahitian Show Extravaganza!