Theater: Lighting Design

Megan is the newest Team member to join the ranks of Award-Winning Staff and Production Crew at AIM! 

She was called to teach theater because she is a prime example of the positive effects theater has had on a person.  Theater challenged her to come out of her shell and face the world around her in order to end up where she is today.  Megan's belief about drama and theater, like many things in life, is that it is about growing. "Theater will not come naturally to everyone, but with enough time and effort, I expect my students to be well rounded theater students who find something they are interested in," says Megan.

As part of her philosophy, she wants to be as well-rounded in theatre as possible, that way she can teach her students that acting is just the beginning to a world of opportunities. "For the very young, I find that performing is what they should learn first, basing their work from stories and imagination, but as they grow up into middle school and high school students, they should have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of theatre, just as I did," says Megan.

For the past 4 years, she has specialized in the following:

Theater education classes- Methods Courses preparing her with the tools to write Lessons and Unit Plans. Educational Drama Methods for drama strategies and curriculum planning. Plays for K-12. Schooling in America, Child Development, Special Education Courses, Educational Performances, Educational Psychology, Structured English Immersion, Literature in Multicultural Schools.

Others: Acting I, II, Directing, Improvisation, Lighting, Stagecraft, Costumes, Intro to Design for Costumes and Scenery, Makeup for the Stage, Stage Management, American, European and Ritual Theater, Dramaturgy, Career and Tech Education courses (Technical Theater).

During College, she wanted to make sure she was getting the most experience she possibly could before graduating. Megan interned at the Arizona Theater Company in Tucson where she created lessons which were included in the Play Guides given to the classrooms before seeing matinees.

She later worked at the University of Arizona backstage, setting up shows and working lights, but also worked in their Education Department helping with upcoming matinees, creating study guides and promoting those matinees to local schools.

In the Summer of 2009, she had the privilege to work at the Dallas Children’s Theater, ranked one of the top 5 Children’s Theater's in the US, followed by Seattle Children's Theater (ranked 1st in the US) in 2010.  She brings her expertise and wealth of experience and knowledge to the award winning team at AIM!



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