Music: Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano

From a very young Vania mother kept her involved in the arts. When she was little, her family decided to change course a little bit and pursue music lessons. "My dad had just picked up the guitar, thanks to my mom! And my little sister picked up the guitar, too. It took me a little bit longer to decide what I wanted to play, but one thing I knew for sure; I wanted an instrument that started with a V because my name started with a V and I figured it would not be such a common instrument."

       "after starting violin lessons I joined the West Valley Youth Orchestra. About a year later when I was 11 y/o my family became involved with the Spanish church choir/group at Ss. Simon & Jude Cathedral then moved to Our Lady of Perpetual Help of Glendale in 2004. In 8th grade I joined the Phoenix Symphony Guild Symphonettes and played with them for 5 years until finally my senior year of high school I made it into Youth Orchestra! I also For high school I attended Arizona School for the Arts and continued my music education career through the University of Arizona. Approximately 2005 my sister and I joined an all female group for about a year, and after I finished high school I played Mariachi Music for about 5 years."

   "Classical music and theory helped me improv at church. At church there was no music for violin, just lead sheets. So I had to make up my own part. I learned what chords were made of and I knew the circle of 5ths. When I made up my own parts I thought about what kinds of things violinist play in an orchestra setting. Playing at church and improving helped me learned to play on the fly and play a song I had never heard before all by ear. This skill helped me immensely when learning to play Mariachi music since most Mariachi performers are not musically educated and there isn't very much written music anyway. So this allowed me to begin performing professionally in restaurants as well as other gigs almost right away."

    " Music has been the heart beat to my life and I know it is deeply a God-given talent and gift. I have an immense passion for music in every aspect of the music world and I desire to share it's beauty with the world and everyone who comes into my life."




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